So yesterday while at work, I was working on the online version of a newspaper and after I combined several pages (PDF) files, it became a problem sharing the file with my colleagues and also customers and subscribers via email. The reason for this was the large nature of the final PDF which is usually common after combining files. So a colleague gave me this brilliant idea, about a website that is capable of handling large files and sharing it with multiple people at once. The website was called Guru Transfer.

secure file sharing

Upon using Guru Transfer, I found out that free file sharing has never been simpler! I was able to transfer files (large ones) to more than 15 recipients at once. Big file transfer sites do not compare to Guru Transfer because of the website’s ability to send big files of any type to multiple recipients without any content of the files being altered. It actually makes file transfer much fun because up to 2GB of files is a large capacity on a simple website.

send big files

File storage on Guru Transfer is very efficient as you can transfer several large files in sequences, with the website not breaking down because of accumulation of large files. This makes it easy for any user to send different files, big or small, at any time, from anywhere in the world through Guru Transfer. My colleagues, customers, and subscribers are able to receive the combined online newspaper as soon as it is done through this website. All I can say is that Guru Transfer has gone viral in this company since everyone is now using it to send different items to different people. Send big files such as photos, documents, software etc. through this website and you will feel the change.


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